Pro-Larva, setting new standards for safety, ​efficacy and durability in PPE

The Pro-Larva Medical Grade MHRA approved, Antiviral face Mask from Pharm2Farm is type IIR providing enhanced protection for the wearer

Antiviral Face Masks

The Pro-Larva mask ensures greater protection by providing not just a physical barrier, but a unique virucidal layer which destroys 99.9% of coronaviruses for up to 7 hours of constant exposure.

While standard medical masks usually need to be changed every two hours, Pro-Larva keeps on working and protecting for over 3 times as long. Pro-Larva features a patented a-virion nanoparticle layer which creates a highly effective shield for users, protecting against 99.9% of pathogens, micro-organisms, body fluids and particles.

The Pro-Larva Antiviral Face Mask provides unrivalled protection for you and those around you, everywhere that infection may occur.

Kills 99.9% of Coronaviruses
for 7 HOURS continual exposure*

The Pro-Larva Difference

Pro-Larva, is a new medical grade antiviral mask which provides a physical barrier for users against ingress of pathogens, microorganisms, body fluids and particles. But what makes our mask so special?


The 4-ply construction of every Pro-Larva™ antiviral disposable medical mask includes our unique nanoparticle layer and is proven to kill up to 99.9% of influenza and coronaviruses for
up to 7 hours*.

Most standard medical face masks are only effective for a maximum of 2 hours.


That 4-ply construction, with a melt-blown filter, hypoallergenic layers and our proprietary a-virion™ virucidal technology - featuring copper particles -
also makes the
Pro-Larva™ highly splash resistant.

A crucial consideration for face masks in every environment.


Pro-Larva™ is CE marked and is produced under sterile conditions and is made in the United Kingdom.

Its a-virion™ layer has been certified to ISO 18184 standards.


ISO 18184 is a standard protocol to quantify the antiviral properties of textile materials and provides positive confirmation that the item has been tested to the most exacting standards.

* Within 5 minutes of contact, clinically tested by Virology Research Services Ltd, an independent UK virology centre. Coronaviruses tested include SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Key Benefits of Pro-Larva

Better for you

Pro-Larva™ provides enhanced protection in comparison to any equivalent Type II Masks, not just for the wearer, but for everyone in their proximity.

It’s also much more cost effective. While most medical masks need to be changed every 2 hours, your Pro-Larva™ mask will perform for up to 7 hours, reducing waste, saving time and money.

Better for those around us

The Pro-Larva™ mask gives heightened protection by providing a virucidal barrier as well as a physical one between the wearer, the environment and those around them.

Pro-Larva™ is also self-sterilising – killing viruses within 5 minutes of contact to ensure minimal infection risk from discarded masks after use, so removing potential biohazards.

Better for the environment

Our antiviral technology is based on natural products, while the longer effective life of our masks means that fewer masks are needed, so reducing medical waste. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to protect our environment, and yours.

4-LAYER ACTIVE Filtration for Ultimate Protection

Pro-Larva Face Mask Details

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