About Pro-Larva and Pharm2Farm

Pro-Larva Antiviral Face Mask

Pro-Larva is the brand developed by Pharm2Farm to commercialise its proprietary nanoparticle technology within antiviral purposes, focusing specifically on the Pro-Larva mask.

The mask was designed by Nottingham Trent University scientist and nanotechnology expert, Dr Gareth Cave, fully supported by Pharm2Farm’s team of scientists.

It was then researched, developed and tested following the award of a UK Government Innovate UK grant, as part of UK Research and Innovation’s response to COVID-19.

The mask has European approval (CE marked), and its proprietary a-virion™  layer has been certified to ISO 18184 standards.

The product is manufactured by Pharm2Farm under sterile conditions.

”By adding an antiviral layer to the mask, we added an active mechanism for killing the viruses not just stopping it.

Trap it, Kill it, Bin it!”

Dr Gareth Cave at Nottingham Trent University, explaining his rational behind the Pro-Larva Antiviral Face Mask.


Pharm2Farm is a nanotechnology company which has developed and patented a process to increase the bioavailability of trace minerals

Its products are based on patented technology, developed by Dr Gareth Cave at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, backed by Pharm2Farm.

This collaboration continues to undertake research and development and to work with a wide range of partners.

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